“It was like I was floating on air. I don’t relax easily at all, but I felt like something was just moving and I felt so light.” Retired charity worker

“I was surprised how fast my IBS symptoms settled after just one treatment.” Registered Nurse

“I had my facial acupuncture treatment with Helen as well as some needles on the rest of my body for a general tune up and I've never slept so deeply as I did that night! My skin was glowing and fresh for at least a week afterwards and overall I felt that I had more energy and just overall, more health! Thank you Helen for working miracles on my face and body!”  EW, Skin therapist 

“Yesterday evening is the first time in years that my knee joints have been flexible enough to allow me to walk briskly rather than shuffle along. Many thanks for your expertise and gentleness in the procedure.” GW, Company Director

“My back felt so much better even by the afternoon and three days later my back is almost back to normal" TH, Housewife

“Thank you so much for my beautiful treatment.  I genuinely didn’t feel the needles going in at all and it was soooo relaxing!  My skin definitely looks more glowing this morning but the best bit is that I slept through the night last night!!!!”  SF, property developer

“On the first night I had a really good nights sleep and yesterday I went to bed early and had another good night’s sleep”  Student